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Tipping point - Innocent abroad

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June 26th, 2009

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09:06 am - Tipping point
There comes a time in every expatriate's life when he can't explain what the hell is going on with The Old Country.

That moment the last time out for me was when I failed to understand a Far Side cartoon. A cow orker (also a Merkin expat but basically grew up here) had a Far Side daily calendar. The lo cal cow orkers would peruse it each day and attempt to decipher it. I was often consulted in cases of non-comprehension. I was utterly unable to explain "The Life and Times of Baby Jessica" being unable to recall who Baby Jessica was and why her travails should be particularly funny.

So, who are Kate and Jon? And why does Gmail think I would be interested?

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Date:June 26th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
They are a Pennsylvania couple. He's a (former) software engineer, father German-American, mother Korean-American. She's a cute blonde (former) nurse. They used in vitro to get pregnant and had twins. They went for another and six embryos implanted. All were born healthy. The Learning Channel did a special on them that was very popular so it became a series called Jon & Kate Plus Eight, starting when the sextuplets were around 2. They are now five. The series was very popular but there was a lot of buzz that Kate was a controlling bitch and Jon was a wussy dishrag. Apparently Jon took this to heart and went off the rails, how spectacularly depends on which tabloid you read. Their family (which has now moved to a secluded estate in the country and socked away college tuition for all eight kids out of the TV deal) turned into a cottage industry and were beseiged by papparazzi (see secluded estate above). Last week they filed for divorce, but the Show Will Go On.

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